This empty room feels cold
It's only me and my past
plus all my secrets unfold,
my only fortunes amassed.

A chilly draught blows my hair,
a snowflake senses the floor,
I know that you are somewhere
kept far away from my door.

I leave this hollow room
I wander along the street
I am searching for my doom,
which is meeting you, my sweet.

But the echoes in the night
are whispering my voice back
a voice that comes to smite
and remind me of all I lack.

I get to the end of the city,
standing by a grey wall,
and I think now of my pretty
who's in the distance AWOL.

Why did you leave me in a rush?
Why did you take my life with you?
Why all I hear is the hush
of the void that's stood in for you?

AWOL, not being able to come,
you vanished out of my hug,
my body restless and numb
unable even to shrug.

The lonely hours go by,
the deadly clock is wailing
the time where I should die
and to you I will be sailing.

Till Death do us part
holds no longer my glad heart
for it is Ruthless Death
that makes me feel now your breath.

Tony, October '95.

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