She's sensually walking along the beach.
They fast leer at her with obscenity.
I wonder if she's from this planet.
though she can't see her future, she can scan it.

She enters the water
It reaches her bosom
Today it feels salter
She seems an illusion.

She laughs in the bar
She cries in her room
I don't want her far
When I do feel blue

She's lost in a dream
She's drunk from experience
She's out of the steam
She stares back in brilliance.

She finds her soul mate
My heart cries out in cheer
She fixes a date
to meet her sweet dear.

I'm longing to touch her
Now that she's at home
My loyalty I vouch her
When I dwell at my dome.

Carme is her name.
Eyes of an Angel
When the wind blows her mane
I feel like a stranger

The curves of her body
reach swivelling hips
belong to nobody
but to her own lips

She's the daylight beam
The brightest star in the sky
Her eyes produce a new gleam
of a light I dare not pry

She smothers me with kisses
I return them to her one by one
Yet they cover me in fleeces
of Bliss, Love and Fun.

I say she's my friend
and she will be forever
There's no hurt she'd not mend
From her I'll never dissever.

Tony, August '95.

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