Left Drifting Away

Swimming to reach the shore
covering miles with strokes
Searching for what I adore
and leaving behind the bad hoax.

A land of eternal cheer
where fairies fly at noon
and the midgets never fear
any treason from the moon.

O, the honey trees pour silver
and the rivers of sweet wine
are bordered by leafy timber
of such a scent so divine.

The glorious royal lapwing
will salute you with no throe
inclining her crest and pawing
on the water very slow.

You'll come the way of ants
you'll follow the owl's flight.
In the midst of wild plants
you'll be far away form plight.

To sate your thirst an oasis
to quench your hunger a deer
that you will hunt in a glacis
where flowers are never sere.

The sirens sing on the coast
the hedgehog shows you the track
and with unexpected boast
you'll be sreamed by a macaque.

Paradise is at your hand
the secret fruit within your reach
Here the weather's so bland
you'll find no need to beseech.

This is the land that I own
admission is free for the world
save the cheater and the drone
whose gossip is never furled.

This is my pleasure dome
the site where pure souls dwell
surrounded by the thick holm
so the nymphs can cast their spell.

Yet I'm lonely in my domain.
All this Beauty is not enough.
I really need what is main:
someone to watch Heaven above.

Tony, September '95

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