(To Farhad Khouratty)

The beam broke through the cloud
It speared my heart in two
one part lost in a crowd
and the other's still blue.

My long-distance soul
sends me messages all day
acting as my console
arranging my disarray.

Who would have told me
that my other part was far
when nobody could control me
I'd meet surprise so bizarre.

Long wavy hair down your shoulder
well-trimmed body of muscle
you have become slaveholder
made my heart hurry and hustle

Exotic voice from the islands
expert knowledge of human nature
has visited the highlands
stuck on my nomenclature.

Keep sending me your mail
go on having me for certain
though I cannot inhale
you, I can see through the curtain.

Sure you have raptured my heart
you have made me distinct
I have hit in your chart
I am no longer unlinked.

Doux moi, seal your love
give peace to this turmoil
save me from hate above
vanish the word recoil.

Hold me tight in your arms
safe and sound under your charms
Take me to hidden farms
we'll make love in the barns.

Sweet dream of my life
caress my hair mildly
save me from this half life
make me for once live wildly.

Tony, 1996.

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