The buzz does not come
my feet move to all sides
I hear the sound of some
strange passing lights.

Sitting on my bed
he is not calling me
as he promised, as he said.
Images appalling me.

The cards say he's mine
My heart says I'm right
something dooms it'll be fine
but inside I keep a fright.

I can't stand this long waiting
the cold is leaving me frozen
why should I worry about mating
when I could easily find a dozen?

Is there a true love in our lives?
Or is it just film's deceit?
Why do my hopes drill like knives
and hurt's their only receipt?

If he doesn't ring me up
I don't know what I will do
I'll try to cheer myself up
yes, I guess that will do.

But how can a broken heart
enliven an empty hungry soul
when tiranny tears me apart
and my hopes vanish and roll?

Please, call me!!!

Tony, December '95.

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