Mario looked up at the sky
Dark clouds covered his face
around him civilians passing by
who didn't care about crede or race.

He wrapped up his scarf around his neck
It was a cold and chilly night.
Strolling alone, his figure an invisible speck
on the horizon fulfilling the sad sight.

He had been thinking about it for long
The pressure too strong on his shoulders
He never felt so wretched and forlorn
nor his heart had ever been colder.

Bad luck seemed desperately to seek him
Destroying every single bit of bliss
The sudden frost wishing only to tweak him
The steam piled up in a fleece.

He tremulously trod on the bridge
rested his weary hands on the bar
lay down his raving eyes on the ridge
his conscience as black as tar.

'Oh Heaven, Forgive me!'
He yelled at the sky.
'If you want to relieve me
please, do let me die'.

He sank his head in his hands
woefully started to weep
he'd finally tied up the loose strands
Below was the storm-tossed neap.

His parents'd died, his wife'd flown off
His mistress had found a better partner
His apparently loving children'd drawn off
their attention to someone heartener.

His boss had given him the sack
His convertible car sunk in the wharf
After long years of being a hack
he had been treated like a dwarf.

He felt himself part of a Tv spot
where a man smartly dressed in black
plays the roulette, loses a lot
and his own life wants to wrack.

But this was no fucking fiction
The hurts were still on his skin
He never felt such an affliction,
his hope in a dustbin.

He jumped from the bridge at once
only the fishes witnessed to his end
like shaking hands in a sťance
the muddy waters his body befriend.

Tony, September '95

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