Angel above good and bad.
Fate chooses its redeemers.
Being even more than sad.
Unseen by dreadful dreamers.

Ambivalence in this place
where men and women have sex
to perpetuate a race
that finished with the T-Rex.

Sequinned dresses under light
some champagne put on ice
stars shine with all their might
another player rolls the dice.

Unchanged moments in a life
a recurrence of experiences
which cut as deep as a knife
leaving but some grievances.

From day one to the last
we meet ourselves every day
Although we try to run fast
we can't escape being gay.

No larynx to produce pain
No glands to elaborate tears
Prepare to receive thy disdain
which is the ruler of fears.

Alleviating a pain in the chest
a hundred million devils inside
scary purposes assessed
the earthly law's to abide.

Woken in the delirious
nightmares of a sinner
Drill with their insidious
glances of the grinner.

I am a martyr within myself
an astray soul in the wrong carcass
if you don't take care of thyself
you may be one of the sufferers.

Tony, April '96

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