Through the tunnel of time
A man rushes up to me
His features just like mine
His brain outwits my destiny:

"You shall stumble many times
but you'll stand up with your strength
Besides, you'll cry more than twice
Till you realise your length.

Your companions at your side
comfort in the moments of weakness
When you feel fierceness outside
you will turn it into meekness.

Come and let me take you to my heart
And you shall discover my world
come to me happy and smart
Do not let your mind be twirled.

I am the one you sall be
your mind and body'll grow fast
And you shall be just like me
Your present Sef will be Past".

I remained astonished at his words
So I did not know what to do.
In the sky there were flying birds
with nothing to do but to coo.

That was the truth he spoke to me.
I felt I could foresee my future.
In me I'd found who'd disentangle me
from the restraints of a rumbless moocher.

Tony, August '95

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