Music took me in her carpet
the tiny world at our feet
whispering softly in my lappet
of all tunes the most complete.



Lasts for long


You risen from my hi-fi
filling the room in melody
in sweet wave of butterfly
scaring away all parody.

echo of a chorus
fading away in the distance
like the waves upon your shore.

your vicious body of wife
drifts away at random
but you return with a knife
head held high, begging pardon.

Your function to extricate
people form the Void.
Your defamers annunciate
all you touch is now destroyed.

Yet without you I could not live
you've saved my life many times
not wanting me to be a spiv
but resolving my paradigms.

Mozart could not hear you
that's why he knew how to treat you
let millions of crowds
become inebriated
with your essence.

Why do I follow you?
In you is there any good?
I thought I understood
the core of the real you.

Music, keep listening to me.

Tony, September '95

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