My mystery gleams at my back
it renders me useless
slaps me in a whack
to find it just juiceless

It pursues me so sluggish
wanting me to recede
Being more than thuggish
flying at light speed

I can't sleep alone
I always hear its moan
Attached to me and sewn
But colder than a stone.


You have grown up with me
you have seen my flaws
escaped from my claws
now you're part of me.

I sense you night and day
you spy on me insidiously
I try to keep you at bay
Yet you return perfidiously.

linked by our blood
we support each other
you've been my rosebud
I ever did smother.

Mystery of heart
creation of the night
reflecting all my dark
suspiciously in blight.

I'll keep you locked in a mirror
so as to watch you each morning
I'll cease being a fearer
if you don't take my warning.

Tony, August '96.

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