Ode to my bravery in the bad times
Ode to surgery which made me new
Ode to those who paid for crimes
Ode to the strength of the few.

Ode to admission of mistakes
Ode to the bowing of head
Ode to discovery of fakes
Ode to life that's not dead.

Ode to small towns and farms
Ode to the region of danger
Ode to those studded with charms
Ode to Time which is a changer.

Ode to sufferers in silence
Ode to real hidden love
Ode to rejecters of violence.
Ode to my sweet white dove.

Ode to the Miracle of Men.
Ode to the Union of Sons.
Ode to this quick wise pen
Ode to the long-feathered Swan.

Ode to adults' responsibility
Ode to parents' love and care.
Ode to our own ability.
Ode to you who are somewhere.

Tony, November '95.

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