In Quest of Happiness

All these lonely years I've been searching
for successful funny life
Preventing my soul from besmirching
by the foul and filthy strife.

Friends I've found in every corner,
obstacles all over my way
acting sometimes as my mourner
but coveting my doomsday.

Sex merely was a relief
a pastime in the lonely hours,
scaring away all my grief
'for a moment Bliss was ours'

But then I found you suddenly
springing up out of the blue
No love affair recently
had dropped such a clear clue.

You smiled at me with your lips
You squinted one eye for a mo
My clothes it surely unzips
when I see I wish you so.

If I could you know I would
take you to my temple of love
we'd be lost in some old wood
to teach the stars above.

They'd surely envy us
so the gods and kings in Heaven
exemplary can be us
with love there's no replevin.

We'd fly across the sky
the Earth tiny at our feet
we'd love till we'd die
our bond in eternal conceit.

Large statues for our sake
will be rightly built in this world
and nothing but an earthquake
coud shake the light we hurled.

Tony, September '95

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