I met you that Saturday afternoon
lots of people sitting outside.
Your very presence filled the room
and I felt carried away by your tide.

Never saw such precious eyes,
that charming smile of a man
by your side it was really nice
to get you I'll do as much as I can.

You walked all night next to me
your shoulder touching my shoulder
They say don't believe love is meant to be
part of a warmer state when you're colder.

But your starry smile returns
and gives me hope and faith
Did you know that your stare burns
all my fears and my wraiths?

Give me that smile again
look at me too that way
You the most handsome of men
have brightened up my day.

I wish I had you under my sheets
your sweet body I'd surely caress
Love finally finds Love and greets
the words that I must confess.

Take me away under your wings
kiss me softly on my lips
and when the nightingale sings
it'll be the start of many trips.

Ramón you're just what I need
as the birds need the sky
as the farmer sows the seed
and will spring up a new life.

I've met YOU
That's wonderful in ITSELF
The Gods have sent you
to rebuild my lost FAITH

Do not vanish in the air
that surely is not fair.

Bring forth your love to me
that is all that I need.

Ramón, what a manly name!

Tony, September '95

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