Waves on the air
provide a new reason
Listened to everywhere
they menace a treason.

Talk to me
It's so simple
Don't you see
I wear no wimple?

Look at me
start the chat
Trust in me
no tit for tat.

Once you've confided in me
I'll be your heart's desire
Once you've found it in me
I'll set you far from dire.

Talk to me
look in my eye
This voice in me
will never die.

Sing this song
walk along
spread the word
My released bird.

And the air was filled with light
the beasts could feel my might
Nobody saw it before
Nobody even swore
But behind the dusty clouds
just above cloud nine
People can hear me loud
I am their dippy sign.

Reach the golden rain
open your mouth to the sky
Let me fill up your brain
wrapped up in a lonely sigh

Words don't matter
It's just how things clatter
that make you smarter.

Tony, July '96-

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