(The ladybird sings)

Look at me
don't avert your gaze
Rejoice in me
All my nights and days.

Reach my hand
Trust me for once
I won't be the sand
that swallow you wants

Caress my cheek
Blow my hair
Tame me meek
Do what's fair.

Speak the words
Act the facts
Let lovebirds
hear our pacts.

Listen to my voice
follow my melody
state your choice
Be my harmony.

There are so many reasons
for this love I profess
bu you must with the seasons
try to prompt me to confess.

I promise I'll do you ho harm
I'll follow you each night
You'll be pleased in my charm
this love is our only right.

(The laburnum gleams)

Hold the stick
Clean my dirt
You my old brick
still dare to flirt.

Though we're old age
we feel young as ever.
I know we're not average.
So our link we assever.

I have no more tears
I lost them away
All thru the long years
when I with you stayed.

It was always a relief
to know you were with me
you affrayed all my grief
I'm glad you're with me.

Do as you feel
sense all my breath
Cause you still heal
my fear of Death.

We know that we form a couple
In body, in mind and in soul
Trust has rendered us supple
for we didn't play a role.

We've been subject to critique
from those who frown on Nature
Still we felt so unique
Never stooped to legislature.

Tony, April '96.

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