I had a vision of love
Celestial trumpets above
The sweet flight of a dove
He undresses me with his glove.

Touches me in the heart
Cupid throws his dart
When we're about to start
it feels like a new art.

My nudity to the sky
I've learned from love I can thrive.
There's unity in my life.
On my hands he starts to write.

Nothing would take him away
I've become his protégé
He saved me from disarray
And I just want him to stay.

I had this vision of love;
but then I suddenly woke up.
My mom came gave me a shove.
Said she'd prepared my teacup.

I wish I'd remained in my sleep
to let me wallow in my dream.
That vision I could caress and keep
in my showcase like most supreme.

Tony, August'95

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