I was on my way to Heaven
there must be some choir of
Angels blowing sighs to my

For I feel that I truly touch
love for the first time.

Some sacred sign must have
been sent from a place somewhere.
My life is filled with joy, bliss,
away from all crime.

He truly loves me, I can feel that.
Though we're starting very slowly
from scratch.
I could notice his stare on me
when he sat.
Ready to love me and play
the match.
I feel like a new man,
there is nothing in this world
that I cannot reach.

Neither Wealth nor fame could
fade this sentiment that wraps me

If there are stars in the sky
shining above me
they might as well feel blue,
for I shine even more brightly
and sitance is vain for me.

If there are kings or nobles
who feel their heart studded
with the adorable pleasure of
perfect company.

They might as well feel jealous
because their pleasure is just a
tiny demonstration of what
I'm feeling.

I wanted to receive a
magnificent present this year
for I've worked really hard
and have been the best of
friends, the best of sons, and
the best of brothers.

But now I have been given
the choice to be the best of
lovers. And that is a reward
which lifts me higher.

Sono luminous.

Tony, December '95.

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