It's seven o'clock in the morning
the clock wakes you up huskily
Listen to me and take my warning
for you may be enclosed duskily.

Everyday starts in fight
with your best mates and your friend
But it really gives you a fright
when you cannot comprehend
what has happened this sad morning
why everything is so negative.
Why you peel off every adorning
and see people adversative.

You slowly get out of the lift
lookig for a cordial place to lunch
but someone lurking's willing to sift
every gossip he can munch.

You crawl your body in bad luck
you do not dare to look up
you've got no blood-drop to suck
now he's prepared to shoot up.

When comes the stab in the back
you raise your eyes to the sky
yet there's something more you lack
expelled in a low soft sigh

And it is your hidden anger
your wish to reward with revenge
Nevertheless you retreat to languor
and forget the just avenge.

Tony, November '95.

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