(Neither hither nor thither but in the middle)

Neither books nor long hours at the
library have helped in my life but my
supposed friends' dirty tricks have opened
my mind astride.

Neither lovers nor beaux at midnight
visits have proved my sex life anew
but those recurring sweet dreams in
sleep which came in like a dew.

Neither parents nor relatives gave
me exemplar behaviour pattern but
thousands or reincarnations which lit
the path like a lantern.

Neither long surveys, statistics nor
studies gave me real knowledge
but everydady life and poetry taught
me what didn't college.

Neither television nor new technologies
showed me part of the future
world but a look back in the
past though it presents itself in a whirl.

Neither Tony nor any other human
on Earth has enlightened my
visions but wholeheartedly I
endeavoured to find causes for my

Neither Death, fear nor shame
clear away my illusions but
experience and pain which prove
my daily delusions.

Tony, April '96.

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