I'm here alone
no trace of love
I walk along
I've come undone.

There was a time when I
thought that life was eternal
But then I realised I was not

I looked in the past
though scary and vast
Soon I recognized
and then I despised.

Now I'm another mortal
I'm not different from the rest
not a sole effort to thortle
for they treat me as their pest.

I'm here alone
No trace of love
I drag along
my marrow bone.

and in the rhythm of a lonely
heart I seemed to hear

I read the signs, I dug
the mines but all I found was

I've lived a thousand lives
I've seen myself grow up
I've sensed the million knives
that ever leave a follow-up.

I'm here alone
no trace of love
I move along
on and on and on.

Tony, July '96.

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