If distance weren't so unkind
and temptation not so cruel
I wouldn't act like a blind
I wouldn't be such a fool.

But promises are not between us
only whispers and caresses
Not even a flame to redeem us
from the sins my heart confesses.

Your supernatural world
hovers softly in the air
leaves all hopes and fears furled
I don't want you to be there.

Want to hold you in my hug
want to kiss and suck your blood
want to tell you all my secrets
from the mildest to my fiercest.

I thought I saw you tonight
But you turned out to be another
Illusion gave me a fright
Memory is such a bother.

Yet I still have the night for you
and millions of dreams dedicated
The hope of my love is for you
a love that can't be eradicated.

Tony, December '95.

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