Richard, Lewis and Ponk.

(menage trois)

New York was a lonely city
inhabitants in pressured pace,
not caring about the ground sleety
nor looking at each other's face.

But one morning of September
Richard went out to buy some milk,
something more he can't remember
and a piece of brilliant silk.

Though the place lacked some light,
he entered the gloomy alley,
no-one freaky was at sight,
but he felt shilly-shally.

Lewis had been watching him
from day one he was in town,
his intention blotching him
with the gun that he kept down.

When Richard was about to go out
of that alley in the centre,
his life wants to blow out
for he's never been repenter.

Asks for money and yells for more,
Richard fearfully denies he's having
Lewis says he'll count till four,
after that from death he's not salving.

Richard begins to cry and implore,
promising he'll bring some later;
But Lewis thinks he'll call the law
and accuses him of traitor.

Poor Ricky down on your knees,
you perceive your undoing coming,
surrounded by hell's agonies.
Hear Death's armies drumming.

When Lewis's about to shoot,
a strange bullet from one side,
piercing skin and dirty soot,
wakes up his blood astride.

Richard in disbelief opens his eyes.
The mugger deadly hurt
before him woefully dies
among rubbish and dirt.

The policeman comes to him,
checks Lewis is properly unarmed
and afterwards says to him
if Rick's been badly harmed.

Rick says he's now safe
and asks for the cop's name;
But the cop says there's a waif
left after this bloody shame.

They go to a hospital division
where Lewis's family waits.
Doctor practise every incision;
but Lewis's soul migrates.

During the long hours outside
Richard sees a lonely boy
who fixates on him wall-eyed,
on his face no sign of joy.

"What is your name, little child?
tell me, what are you doing here?
Why do you look at me so wild
without showing any fear?"

"My name is Ponk, sir
I've been here since ten o'clock
and the pain that I now bear
is the cause of my great shock.

My father was in that room,
he died six minutes now.
He's left me for a tomb
and I still don't know how".

"I can give you the answer
But promise me first
you won't become vengeful glancer
wishing my life to be curst".

The boy nodded with his head
and quickly pricked up his ears,
receiving the words with a dread
Rick's voice his heart smears:

"I was the one who killed your father
when he was about to assassinate,
a cop came and with no blather
saved my life from that strait"

A sad tear ran down Ponk's face,
in front of him was the killer
who had left him in disgrace
with no father and no pillar.

"but I can take care of you
give you money and my affection
and I wish instead of you
I'd suffered this sad lection"

"I don't want your tales of woe
only need some time for me,
and I want you now to go
for my conscience's leaving me.

But I promise to the gods
that I'll live in honesty
I'll never rub shoulders with sods
that produce such casualty".

Tony, September '95

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