(This poem was handed out in my 26th birthday)

"Once upon a time
An Old Man in India
Asked a young boy to help
Him cross the river.
They did not fear the
Crocodiles nor the whirlpools
But firm and determined
Reached their goal.
After that day they became


(In no alphabetical order)

We met on chilly windy nights
after boring senseless English class
Rushed to the bar with different sights
to mix our lives with the demitasse.

It's been four years and more
since we've been supporting each other.
Seems as if we were friends from days of yore
with her Tarot she made me another.

Experiences from the Orient she brought,
Wisdom, firmness and clear thinking
we share the same kind of love untaught
never waning, never shrinking.

He doesn't know he's taught me a lot
by making mistakes just like mine
our friendship welded in precious knot
his company helps others be benign.

Mature and thoughtful as she lives
has provided many visions
the best advice she gives
prompts me to real sharp decision.

A life of endurance has inured her temper
always wise and pithy for the occasion
her behaviour must be taught as exemplar
feel buttressed by her suasion.

She laughs at all my jokes
she argues with me all fo the time.
Has the gift for master strokes
her knowledge I duly mime.

After twenty years of mutual tolerance
there is little for me to say
we have surpassed arrogance.
Tho's he disbelieves I'm a fey.

Their stipulation formed in disparity
is the cause for my intercession
they incredibly believe in my sanity
in my hands they lay a new profession.

Chance and Music first united us
then progressive mutual consideration
Undaunted thongs that tighted us
dispel all primitive nugation.

In a Day like this when
34,164,000 minutes
burden a life so fragile as mine
I gather you for the Cheering
For to these 34 millions I shall add up
a double figure and
thus here I sign.

Tony, November '95.


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