Deceitful image that come to my mind
Pray, where did I last sketch you?
why do you prompt me to find
the origins of your bind
if I do not want to fetch you?

In form of strange wild beast
you follow me night and day.
You come from west and east
to celebrate with a feast
that you captured me in a sway.

So lost I was at that time
that you held me with your touch
your movements I duly mimed
but in guilty fearless crime
you possessed my soul in clutch.

What kind of faith can you bring?
What kind of comfort and joy?
What other than silent sing
and the painful prick of sting
when all I taste of you is cloy.

Just leave me peacefully on my own
better with none than with you
I'd much rather stay alone
and stave off all my moan
than share a minute with you.

I now see they call you liar
and an infamy from Hell
I can't discern what is prior
nor what I really admire
when my deepest sight you quell.

Image, go back to the depths of my mind!!!

Tony, September '95.

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