Forged on your body
shines on a map
Roots that nobody
has read or unmasked.

Each curlycue of your veins
forms a line on the map
coating the fruitful lanes
from the nipples to your lap.

From the little mountains
to the small dark hole
my mouth like dripping fountains
shocked at the size of the knoll.

So under the navel
desire awaits me
I can't feel unable
when lechery baits me.

From soft to hard
your spirit rises before me
its aim only to lard
and later to implore me.

But then all of a sudden
I turn you round on your stomach
the valley between the two mountains
forming together one sole hummock.

Once your cheeks
are spread apart
my body speaks
and your shivers start.


Your legs tense cling
to my arse
Your arms sense
every beat of my heart.

The night is aflame
two lovers in bed
have met to untame
the zeal that's not dead.

Now you unzip your way
to me
and my willingness greets
you in compliance with
For never had I felt or
sensed such a beautiful

You administer your jobs
with careful

Bringing my flesh to
ecstasy and my mind
to profusion of images,
with such dedication...

The positions and the
movements are deliriously

Exhaustion never reaches the
doormat of my deep and long

The tension is harder
for a while
your body arches in

I shoot my load which
runs like the Nile from
my bridge into the way to
your bowels.

You receive the gift
with contortions
All of my strength
has wonderfully grown.

Proud I am to be spendthrift
to give you all that I

Aftet two hours of sleep
I know we'll get to it

This time love-making
becomes slow and deep
Intentionally leaving its
priceless gem.

Tony, October '95.

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